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[2016.08.31]    GUIDE BOOK FOR NEW STUDENTS 2016
[2016.07.29]    USTC Foreign Students Association 2016
[2016.07.27]    Awardee List of 2016 USTC Scholarship
[2016.07.27]    Awardee List of 2016 Chinese Government Scholarship - University Postgraduate Program in U
[2016.06.28]    2016ѧѧƻ¼ȡѡĹʾ
[2016.06.20]    Ƽ2016ꡰѧѧѡĹʾ 2016 USTC Candidates for Excellent Foreign Student Aw
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[2016.07.05]    2016 International Students Graduation Party
[2016.06.29]    2016 USTC Foreign Students Sports Gala
[2016.06.29]    International Students Soccer Competition
[2016.01.11]    The 2016 International Students New Year Party Held Successfully
[2015.12.15]    A trip to Experience China and Anhui Culture
[2015.12.15]    Friendly Football Match between USTC International Students and Local Football Team